1. Strategic Planning
    Our team will work with you to understand your products and how to strategically position them for success at retail. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive “go to market” strategy for new items and categories, and to maximize sales and profits on existing products.
  2. Market Assessments
    We conduct regular market assessments and provide direction and support on changing dynamics in the market and respective industries and or categories.
  3. Product and Packaging Development
    Our team can assist your Company with Product and Packaging Development. We have a complete understanding of best practices and processes to keep you on track for a new product launch or re-positioning of an existing product.
  4. Product Presentations and Line Reviews
    We will work closely with your team to develop professional and effective presentations for both the Buyers and Senior Management teams. Our years of experience gives us unique insights into product placement, positioning, margin requirements and sales projections.
  5. Modular Development
    Our team will work closely with buyers and modular planning through the entire process. Everything from securing preferred shelf location to maximize brand exposure, delivering samples, and ensuring information is communicated such as modular set dates, valid store counts, etc.
  6. Business Analysis and Reporting
    The Blue Horizon Sales & Marketing team has years of experience in retail analysis and will work with you to develop reporting capabilities that will provide your teams with timely information necessary to make informed, focused, and sales-driven solutions for any issues.
  7. Forecasting and Replenishment
    One of the most critical areas for successful, long term, profitable relationship with any retailer is maintaining proper in stocks. We work closely with our retail partner’s replenishment teams to ensure proper settings and CPFR recommendations are in line with sales trends.
  8. Imports and Logistics
    We can assist with any and all direct import questions, quote sheets, import buy trip or logistics as needed. Our team has years of experience in importing and sourcing.
  9. Compliance, Sustainability and other initiatives
    Our team will keep you informed with all initiatives. These would include Sustainability, Omni-channel and Digital Initiatives, Food Sustainability, Healthy Food initiatives and more. It is important our clients are familiar with these initiatives and understand expectations.
  10. Global Sourcing and International Sales Support
    For those companies needing Sourcing or International sales support, our team has years of experience in sourcing product and managing the complexities of the international markets.
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